October 25: New update.

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October 25: New update.

Post  DeepLeash on Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:32 am

Last update addons:.

* Cheking condition on enchanting scrolls, it isn't shown at game clients (just to avoid some enchanting cheats).
* Enchant rate will be shown even you place the item to enchant, before starting the enchanting process.
* New unhardcoded and clearly attribute balance, between weapons attribute and skill elements enchanting.
* Normal S Grade items (such as these at your inventory shop), doesn't break with normal enchant scrolls (Both tattoos and normal S Grade Jewels).
* You can now augment your chest or fullbody armors with all life stones.(Also jewels such as weapons)
* Augmented items can be traded.
* Crystal scrolls failures will set your item to +5.

Feedback will be really appreciate, we must work for our players, so if there is something that doesn't point your gameway, feel free to report this at the correct section.

Cheers. DeepLeash.

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