Last Addons ( December 20)

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Last Addons ( December 20)

Post  DeepLeash on Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:54 am

Recently we've noticed about some issues corresponding to the classes' balance, there are such new things that will perform a simple of stats changes, and also fixes some of these issues mentioned above, therefore, here are some of these well explained and also another changes done:

- Better perform on critical damage between some classes, also damage from monsters against robe armors is reduced.
- Attribute system rewritten completely, since there was some issues according to these skills which can be enchanted with element values (yes, again the elements Very Happy )
- You can now attack more than 1 target with a Spectral Dancer while using Dual swords, talking about "gameways", this will be helpfull and usefull for those who plays this class (Obviously, the damage done is reduced by a certain percent, such as it is on Dreadnought classes).
- Removed level difference between effects actors, this is to perform a better balance between those classes that depends of their debuffs for farming/PvP against the others.

A new update will be ready after this Christmas, Also Including client updates.

Merry Christmas fags! alien alien alien


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