Balance and Others

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Balance and Others

Post  DeepLeash on Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:31 pm

Well, here we go;

1) SoulShots and Blessed SpiritShots automatization: If you have a weapon equipped, they'll be automatically charged, as well as hitting or using a skill.
2) Arrows and Bolts: They are not needed anymore, as well as any normal weapon, Bows or Crossbows will automatically hit without needing any type of arrows or bolts.
3) Damage counter: As well as a player hits another player with a skill or a normal hit, when a critical hit occurs, the damage done will count as a help to get more chances of earn a Silver or a Flaming Stone, A maximum of critical hits is set, so there is a topline for increase this chances.
4) Balance: Many things have change, as well as monsters, character stats have changed and also will keep changing in this days.
5) Events: new events as well as Monster Invasion, Last Man Standing, Capture The Flag, Town War, Magical Chests, Biohazzard, and others are now being tested, so we hope to finish working about them in this days.

More Info will be posted here soon.

Cheers. DeepLeash

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