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Post  DeepLeash on Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:28 am

Dear Players:
I'm here to let you know about a problem we have been noticed today, In our city, were been an Electric problem that blowed up the server Machine, the one that holds the server itself, We have been noticed that 2 days data have been lost, in order to let you all knows that items/etc lost will be given back, we only ask you for a time to keep working about, since this was not a problem related to us, there have been recoihgniced by the Electric servicers that in fact they have damaged our server, we hope they also bring us any help to make it works almost like it was doing, Regards, DeepLeash.

Queridos Jugadores:
Estoy aca para hacerles saber sobre un problema que ha occurido debido al servicio Electrico, este ha daƱiado la Maquina que contiene el servidor en si, lo que ha hecho que se pierdan 2 dias de datos, para ser mas especificos nuestra intencion es devolver cualquier perdida de items/etc que hallan sufrido, solo pedimos un tiempo para poder acomodarnos. Gracias, DeepLeash

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